Your business happens out here.

You need an advanced crash protocol with rapid response technology.

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Some accidents are unavoidable.

It’s important for drivers to have the right training, tools, and level of accident preparedness.

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Accidents don't make appointments.

With the AccidentPlan mobile app, you and your business are road ready.

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How It Works

  • Guides the driver step by step through the challenges of an accident scene
  • Immediately notifies the motor carrier when an accident has occurred
  • Helps a driver gather and store vital accident scene information
  • Creates a thorough, detailed accident report

Online Training 24/7

  • Learn proper protocol for collecting all necessary information
  • Understand effective accident scene conduct
  • Access training any time from your phone or handheld device
  • Keep drivers on the road, not in a classroom


  • Reduces exposure to liability
  • Provides peace of mind for pennies per day
  • Immediate response to critical events
  • Rapidly delivers invaluable information
  • Records weather conditions and GPS location
  • Detailed report for investigation and claims

Why We Started AccidentPlan

The stakes are high during the chaotic and risky period immediately following an accident. Issues faced by drivers and motor carriers are:

Skyrocketing Claims Costs

  • Uncontrolled claims lead to increased premiums.
  • You can still be sued, even when you are not at fault.
  • You face your greatest exposure at the moment of least control.

Accident Plan Driver at Fault

The Playing Field is Not Level

  • Public Perception is slanted against the motor carrier.
  • Professional drivers are rarely responsible for crashes, but regularly receive the blame.
  • Plaintiff lawyers are highly skilled at defaming the motor carrier

Drivers are Only Human

  • Poorly planned protocol can lead to driver thought-paralysis in a crisis situation.
  • Training is irregularly reinforced.
  • Current practices are cumbersome, outdated and poorly organized.
  • Incomplete or illegible data is collected from the scene

You must protect your business! If you control the narrative, you control the claim. Rapid response leads to rapid resolution – a faster close – and a less expensive claim.

Meet Skidmore and view the first training chapter. See a live demonstration of the app and the client portal. Learn more about the benefits for the motor carrier and the driver.

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AccidentPlan Includes:

  • AccidentPlan app for iOS or Android
  • Training
  • Reports
  • Administrative tech support

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