Motor Carrier Self Defense

We have been absolutely thrilled by the response to our inaugural Trucking Defense Network webinar, Motor Carrier Self Defense.

Kevin McClain and Mark Tuchmann gave us some very keen observations about how motor carriers are more exposed than ever and what we can all do to help drive down the cost of claims.

Some lessons learned:

  • Risk transfer is not a passive relationship.
  • Rapid response leads to rapid resolution.
  • You must control your own narrative.
  • We are not the product of circumstance.  We are the product of our response to circumstance.

Our deepest gratitude to Mark and Kevin and a special thanks to all who joined in.

Be sure to watch the replay in case you missed it, or if you want to watch it again.

Tune in on Wednesday April 7 at Noon Central for the next episode of Motor Carrier Self Defense!

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