AccidentPlan Benefits the: Motor Carrier, Company Driver, Owner Operator and Insurance Carrier

A well-planned and well-executed accident response plan is vital to your business interests.

AccidentPlan is an advanced crash protocol platform with rapid response technology that takes the guess work out of managing CMV crash events.

Accident Help App for Truck Drivers

  • We help clients gain control of the risky and chaotic period between the accident and the first notification of loss – the greatest exposure to liability occurs in these moments when you have the least amount of control.
  • We provide drivers with training, a procedure and a tool with which they can easily and effectively manage and report a crash even when they are under great stress. You can’t take the driver out of the situation. They must be trained and provided with the tools to manage the Accident Plan Accident Scene-Informationincident. AccidentPlan does not ask the driver to reach any conclusions or make investigative judgments; but only to gather perishable information while it is fresh and most accurate.
  • We provide the motor carrier with critical warning notifications and real-time visibility into an accident scene through the online portal, allowing for a more rapid and effective response.

Accident Plan Insurance Facts

  • We afford the motor carrier and the insurance carrier a clearer understanding of their position in any potential claims while closing that critical time gap from event to claim. Reports are ready to submit to the insurance carrier within minutes. Rapid response leads to rapid resolution, which leads to lower claim costs.
  • The motor carrier maintains full custody and control of all data. The data collected is immediately uploaded and lives on our secure server and accessed through the client online portal. It does not remain on the driver’s device.
  • Licenses stay with the company and are transferable to new drivers.

View a sample of the actual truck accident report.

This report is shared with permission from one of our clients. Recordings and identifying information have been removed to protect the privacy of the individuals involved.

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