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Happy New Year!

On behalf of Skidmore and the entire team at AccidentPlan, let the trials of 2020 shrink behind us in the rear view mirror and let us welcome the new year with a clean windshield and fresh perspective on the opportunities in front of us.

We look forward to traveling to see our friends and colleagues once again.

Wishing a safe and prosperous 2021 to one and all!


Merry Christmas

And what an amazing year it has been! We reflect on 2020 with gratitude for the friendships that bring joy to our lives and our work together. We hope that this small greeting from Skidmore will make you smile and that 2021 brings us safely together again. Safe Travels,...
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The Enemy Within

"Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril."  Sun Tzu, The Art of War You may recall back in June I had the privilege of sitting down with renowned trucking plaintiff attorney Joe Fried.   In our work to defend our industry from runaway claims, Joe Fried represents the adversary we are up against. Lawyers like Joe are well prepared and highly organized and reviewing this...
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Replay: Trucking Technology Roundtable

Some things we learned. We have only begun to scratch the surface in our discussion of trucking technology and we could certainly produce a regular series on the subject.  But here are a few snippets of what we covered last week.
  • Technology has been evolving for a very, very long time.
  • Ron Kane changed caused me to reconsider my position regarding AI and machine learning.
  • How we use technology is not nearly as important as why.
  • The challenge of solving problems that people...
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What’s In Your Garden?

I don't want my friends in the supply chain to think I have lost confidence in their ability to deliver fresh food. I haven't. However, back in the spring when all this mess descended, we thought that it was a good year to put a little more of our back yard into growing our own produce. So now our garden is abundant with tomatoes, melons, butternut squash, basil, jalapenos, anaheim chiles and more. What's growing in your garden this...
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This Truckin’ Life

What is all that paper for, anyway? I am honored to have the opportunity to chat with Ashley Schmidt and Alison Wickman of Freightweb's "This Truckin' Life" podcast about my two favorite subjects; technology and crash management. Ashley was surprised to find out that I have done my share of driving and together we wondered why it takes trucking so long to adopt new technology. Please enjoy listening on your favorite podcast channel. Read more