Trucking Technology Roundtable

Transportation technology is changing at an exponential rate, and, like it or not, we all have to change with it.

This is why we have assembled a panel of experts from every link in the supply chain for a lively discussion that is applicable to transportation professionals like you. To do this, it begins with your feedback. We want to hear from you on the systems you use to manage and build your book of business.

  • What tools make your job easier?
  • What tools make your job harder?
  • What tools do you wish you had, but do not?

Connect with and hear these voices of the transportation industry.

  • Farah Ali, CTO & Co-Founder at FreightWeb
  • Brendan Dawson, Founder & CEO at AccidentPlan.
  • Ron Kane, Vice President of Supply Chain at Noisy Supply Chain Consulting
  • Chris Jolly, TheFreightCoach & Freight Sales Consultant at CJolly Freight Consulting
  • Jim Coffren, Technology Consultant to the transportation industry
  • Kellylynn McLaughlin, Driver Ambassador for Women in Trucking

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