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Accident Scene Safety vs Black Box Data Preservation

You wouldn’t think that someone would have to make a choice between safety and data preservation, but it happens…all the time…at a CMV accident scene.

Accident Scene Protocol and Preserving Data

Best practices advise a driver to turn off their engine immediately following an accident for a couple of reasons. One, to prevent the possibility of a fire, and the other is to preserve the data from the engine control module (ECM), or “engine black box”. The data loop varies depending on...
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Managing Chaos After a Crash – Accident Protocol for Truck Drivers

Chaos After a Crash - The Only Thing You Can Control is You

Crashes are very, very stressful. Throughout the chaotic aftermath of a crash, you may experience a heightened sense of fear and loss of control, especially if there are serious or life-threatening injuries. All parties involved may exhibit everything from stunned, shocked silence, to tears or extreme aggression. Sometimes, the anger and aggression will be directed at you. The only thing you can control is you – your behavior, your reactions and emotions. You are most likely...
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A Bad Day Recovered Using Driver Skill, Training and the Right Tool

Truck Driver's Real Experience Using The Accident Plan Smart Phone App

Before the Crash

It’s a bad day at work for everyone involved. It was 1:15 AM and Jimmy P was westbound on the 105 in Los Angeles having just loaded 9,000 gallons of unleaded from the refinery for his employer, MJ Tank Lines.

The Accident

Traffic was light and Jimmy was easily keeping the 55 mph speed limit in the right lane as he approached the 110 interchange when a black Camry cut in front of him making a...
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